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I’ve been having so many money problems lately, I wish I had a handsome, older, successful guy I could call my own who’d help me with everything.

With so many bills to pay I’ve been longing for something luxurious to take my mind off of everything. A shopping trip….exotic dinner….mmm…a trip to a spa…

*sigh* I wish I at least had a little money slave to pay for a delicious fondue dinner for me and my resident Boy Toy. Someone I could boss around, tell him what to buy, when to buy it, and what to do with his own paycheck in his own life.

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I am loving my new “Jack Off Line”!
You guys are wonderful! Quick calls where we have so much fun together, just imaging the fun we could have together.

I think I’ve gotten pretty good at my noises; moaning and crying out.
And I love leaning against the side of my couch, rocking back and forth to the rhythm of what we’re doing. Cute MeIt’s so much fun!

I created this line just for all of you, an easy affordable line that focuses on just what you need, but now I’m loving it too!

Now, if only I could actually get more of you to call….

Two new things today, after a little bit of a break. Sorry about that boys.

~A soft-voiced Blow Job in my new Recorded Listing

~A brand new quickie line just for those of you looking to blow your load and get on with your life!

Life’s been a little difficult for me lately. Some medical problems have been keeping me from work and school, and from all you lovely gentlemen, as well as bring up more than a few money problems.

This is the time when I could really use a sugar daddy…

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So here I am, about two weeks into my new job venture.

I’ve had…7 calls total, only about 3 of them more than 4 minutes long…

I don’t mind the short calls really, one of my two favorite callers (you know who you are ;-D) is typically a quick call, but very nice and lots of fun. I just wish I’d get more of them ^-^ So call me up boys!!!

I just put up a GFE listing, and I’m actually really excited about it, and really hope it’ll work out. The price is a little higher than my other listings, but that’s because I’m planning to give out a few more benefits than with my other ones ^-^ I’m really looking forward to having real conversations with some new men!

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