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Posted on: April 12, 2009

I’ve been having so many money problems lately, I wish I had a handsome, older, successful guy I could call my own who’d help me with everything.

With so many bills to pay I’ve been longing for something luxurious to take my mind off of everything. A shopping trip….exotic dinner….mmm…a trip to a spa…

*sigh* I wish I at least had a little money slave to pay for a delicious fondue dinner for me and my resident Boy Toy. Someone I could boss around, tell him what to buy, when to buy it, and what to do with his own paycheck in his own life.

I’ve been thinking about some new recorded listings, and maybe some new PPV games.

How about a picture based PPV where you get a hot picture of me, and instructions on what dirty thing you should do to yourself?

It sounds like so much fun! I love thinking about the nasty things guys will do for me. Mmm…

Wanna be all mine?

Like the pics I put up? How about some completely nude, uncensored pics of my luscious little body, at a low price, to use however you’d like???

Hoping to hear from you!



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