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You’ll be begging me for more…

Posted on: April 7, 2009

Two new things today, after a little bit of a break. Sorry about that boys.

~A soft-voiced Blow Job in my new Recorded Listing

~A brand new quickie line just for those of you looking to blow your load and get on with your life!

Life’s been a little difficult for me lately. Some medical problems have been keeping me from work and school, and from all you lovely gentlemen, as well as bring up more than a few money problems.

This is the time when I could really use a sugar daddy…

My new Quickie Line is just what you need when you just want to Cum and Go!

Need a helping hand?
If you’re hot, bothered, oh-so horny, and already stroking that long, hard cock of yours,
call me up for that delicious push off the deep end.

Quick, affordable, and Oh-So-Good!

So far I’ve gotten good feedback on this line and how I do it. Everyone always says Thank you, I hope you will too!


1 Response to "You’ll be begging me for more…"

I can see why. I love it.

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