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Back to the Beginning…

Posted on: February 27, 2009

I wanted to go ahead and talk about what I’m doing here in this business.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about why I started and what I think about the PSO world, and I think it’d be a good thing to know about me.

My friends and clients tell me I seem very intelligent, sometimes even fun and delightful, but I feel like the beginnings of this blog hasn’t reflected that part of me at all. The few posts I’ve made have mostly shown the desperate advertising newbie part of me, and that’s not what this blog should be about.

This should be about me, my life, and my job in this industry, but not just random useless promotions of my newest phone sex creations.

So let’s start with the most basic of questions; Why did I become a PSO?

If you’d asked me this question a week ago, I might have just said “the money”. And, in part, that will always be a piece of it. I mean, this is a job above all else. I am a full time student with a broken laptop, an overpriced apartment that’s falling apart, a $200 gas bill, year old hospital debts, and no car (because I can’t afford car insurance). My parents do not support me and can only afford to help out with costs every few months or so. The money is definitely needed.

But now, here I am about two weeks into the job, with only about 9 or 10 calls under my belt, and I’ve discovered a lot more about what I like in this job. Not just that I can do it at home any time without any real commitments means I can do it around my own class schedule, and if I don’t feel like working a couple days out of the week, I don’t have to. But even still, that isn’t the thing I’m starting to love.

The strange fact is that I’m actually starting to like the people.

Over the past few years I’ve developed a fascination with sexuality and, in particular, fetishes and what’s sometimes called “sexual deviance”. I love hearing people talk about things they enjoy sexually, and sometimes that means the weirder the thing, the more I want to hear about it! And what’s happened with my few calls since I started is that a good percentage of them have been men just looking for someone to talk to. Someone to discuss their fetishes with that won’t look down on them or be disgusted or criticize them for it.

The thing is, that’s me. Whole-heartedly. I actually want to hear about your strange, unusual, and often socially unacceptable likes, loves, fetishes, and sexual experiences. The only thing I have a hard time with is anything that involves a lack of consent (rape, children, etc), but even then I more than likely wouldn’t turn you down when it came to a conversation. I enjoy learning a lot, and in this job I get to learn about peoples sexual preferences, which – to me- is fascinating!

So if you’re one of my callers that just calls in to talk about something you like, you don’t have to ask “Am I boring you” or anything of the like, because I can pretty much garantuee that you’re not. I like hearing from you. In fact, I might go so far as to say I love hearing from you. Because these strange and interesting fetishes, and hearing them straight for you and how they make you feel, gives me the opportunity to learn, as well as the chance to explore my own likes, dislikes, and possibilities.Melody

I think that’s all I’ll say for this post. Maybe tomorrow I’ll answer a different question. If you guys have any for me, don’t hesitate to ask!

Lots of love



1 Response to "Back to the Beginning…"

hi melody,
u come across as an strong person.. i can understand ur financial situation… if i was in ur place,i would have probably gone off my rockers !!

anyways,i hope u find ur soulmate and settle down in a profession that showcases ur real talents…. wish u all the best ..

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