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Posted on: February 23, 2009

I just set up my first PPV game!

It’s an Assignment PPV meant for those sissy boys out there (*muah!*), but I’d love for anyone interested to take a quick look. At least just the first Assignment. Tell me what you think!

Still no luck with my computer. I had a nice gentleman yesterday send me a small tip to help out with my laptop fund, but I’m a long way away from getting it fixed (or getting a new one if I have to…). I really want to get some new pictures up too! What a bummer.

Wanna help me out?

At the moment, I’m also working on a BDSM PPY story game. Hopefully you guys will like it ^-^

Here’s a sample for you!

You’re in a dark room. You’re strapped down in a cold metal chair, straps and ropes around your ankles, wrists, and chest. The only thing you’re wearing are your thin white boxers.

There are dim, flickering lights around the edges of the room, so you can just barely see the whips, chains, cuffs, and cruel beautiful other tools hanging on the walls.

From behind you, a deep but feminine voice starts humming. It’s a song you don’t know, but you’re captivated by the sound. Your blood starts to pump a little faster, your breath quickens. You try to look behind you but the rope around your chest is tight enough that you can’t turn your neck enough.

There’s the soft whistling sound of something rushing through the air and a quick, sharp crack against the concret.

Another smack, this time hitting the back of your chair. The shock waves crawl through the metal and up your spine, your cock stiffens in fearful desire and anticipation.

…to be continued…

It’s a rough draft and definitely a work in progress. What do you think?

I’m on the look out for any suggestions as well. Anything you guys don’t see enough of? Anything you’re dying to get or be offered by a PSO? Let me know! I’m just looking to please ^-^

lots of love!



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